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BVR Olaf

Olaf is our sweet 43 inch Mid-Miniature Highland Bull, he's super fuzzy and chondro negative.  Olaf is solid well built, well balanced and has a great confirmation. He is easy going, has a  gentle disposition, passing all these qualities on to his offspring. There is nothing we don't love about this bull.

To sponsor Olaf please click the donate button and let us know you'd like to sponsor him, He loves when someone sends him some love!


BVR Memphis

Memphis is Our Miniature Yellow Highland Bull, 40 inches and Chondro negative. Memphis has a wonderfully sweet and calm disposition, great conformation and the traditional long shaggy hair coat of a Highland. Memphis is a full blood sibling to Elsa our yellow highland heifer. 

Do not forget about Memphis because you will get sad puppy dog eyes from him. If you'd like to sponsor Memphis for anything he needs, please click that donate button and let us know.


BVR Mason

Mason is our 41 inch Miniature Jersey Bull, chondro Negative and heterozygous polled. We purchased this sweet bull early 2020 as our new Miniature Jersey herd sire in hopes of getting some well bred A2/A2 jersey Calves. We have high expectations of Mason and his offspring.

If you would like to sponsor Mason please click the donate button and let us know you'd like to sponsor him. Mason loves treats and feeling special. 


BVR Master Po

Master Po is a 2020 Micro Panda Bull, Chondro Positive, currently 34 inches tall. Master Po was added to our program in late 2020 to give us some epic sweet fuzzy and adorable babies! 

Master Po is a phenomenal looking animal : short, stout, strong solid confirmation with a thick and shaggy coat of hair. We can’t wait to see what he produces in the near future!

If you would like to sponsor little Po click the donate button so you can send some love his way!


BVR Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a 2016 micro Jersey cross  Chondro Positive Bull.  Ferdinand is naturally horned, currently stands 35 inches tall, has the sweetest disposition, great coat. Ferdinand is very excited to soon be able to have a small group of females to breed for the 2022 breeding season.

If you would like to sponsor Ferdinand click the donate button and let him know he may not have had girlfriends this year but you still love and appreciate him!

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