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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell cattle?
    We do sell calves, but not the breeding stock.
  • Do you offer breeding with your bulls?
    We do not offer on farm breeding with our bulls to maintain biosecurity. However, we do offer straws from any bull(s) you might have interest in bringing into your bloodlines.
  • How much do your calves cost?
    All pricing for our calves varies and is detailed under the Pricing tab
  • I'm worried about the safety of their horns.  Will you guys dehorn them before we pick up?
    We sell several breeds which are naturally polled but we will not dehorn.
  • Do you offer bottle babies?
    On the farm we prefer for the animals to grow up as naturally as possible. We do not bottle raise babies unless they are orphaned and we are unable to graft them onto a foster cow.
  • But I really want a bottle baby!  Can I buy a calf and take it early to bottle raise?
    No. We want to ensure the animals coming from our farm have the best chance at a strong, healthy life. For that reason we do not separate calves early from their dam or the herd.
  • When can I pick up my calf?
    Generally we want the calf to grow up to about 6 months of age before we let them head on to their next adventure.
  • Do you take payments?
    We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold a calf and a signed “Cattle Sale Contract”. Full payment is due at time of pickup or before shipping. If alteration of calf is needed (steered) full price of calf will be due before alteration can be made.
  • Can I come visit the Ranch?
    We offer day visits for those who sponsor one or more of the cattle here on the Ranch. If you're interested in our sponsorship program please visit the sponsorship page.
  • Do you do special events?
    We can bring several members of the Herd out to visit with you, guests, or maybe school kids!
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