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Barites Veteran Ranch

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Our Farm

Raising Micro, Mini, and Mid-Mini Cattle Responsibly Since 2019

Livestock Heal the Soil

For thousands of years, millions of herbivores migrated across the grasslands of the earth, spurred on by packs of predators who followed them. These creatures cut down the grasses and weeds as they fed as well as crushing and grinding the leftovers into the ground under their tremendous weight while fertilizing with their droppings. This simple act of nature fed the earthworms, fungi, and other organisms and created some of the most fertile soils on Earth.


Today we strive to mimic nature with holistically managed, pastured miniature cattle, poultry, and no till farming to improve our soils and in an effort to reverse desertification.

Food that Heals the Body

The food we eat has a huge effect on our bodies and our health. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed in the US and much of this can be considered a by-product of Industrial Factory Farming. Cows, pigs, chickens, and all other manner of animal are overstocked in huge feed barns and lots where they live in their own feces and urine, passing around bacteria that are getting stronger and stronger as their "caretakers" pump these animals full of hormones and antibiotics.


There is a better way...


Our livestock live outside, in nature where they belong. They are not confined to the same space day after day which allows them to avoid the pathogens one sees in Industrial farms. Our cows, goats, and sheep are followed a few days later by the chickens who will scratch through the pasture, loosening and aerating the soil. This process not only helps to sanitize the pasture but also spreads the natural fertilizer and feeds the soil biology. All of this allows us to raise our animals without antibiotics or other medications or additives and results in milk, meat and eggs which are better for you and more nutritionally dense then what you find in the store.

Experience Heals the Soul

Animals and nature tend to be very soothing, almost therapeutic for many people. We provide an opportunity for US Veterans, many of whom have seen things others cannot understand, to come and learn about our processes here. There is a healing quality to caring for other living beings, be it livestock or plants. We are a place where fellow Veterans can come and unwind, blow off steam, and learn. We are happy to have the lone Veteran or their family come to stay on the Ranch. We want to give Veterans the tools to start their own homestead, farm, or even to come and work with us permanently on Barites Veteran Ranch. We hope to heal the cracked souls of our fellow Veterans and help them find a future in a world that is often difficult for us to adjust to.

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Our Story

It all began...with a duck.

In Spring of 2017 Vanessa received a phone call from her mother who said she had found a duckling in her yard. We lived on a good amount of land and she figured we might be able to provide it a good home as we are certainly animal lovers. Little did we know the adventures that awaited us...

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