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Calf Pricing

Prices on our calves vary depending on breed, color, color of markings, chondro status, estimated maturity height based on parents and sex of the calf.  Base Prices are as followed : 


Dairy Cattle

Heifer : $6500+

Steer: $4500+

Bull : $5000+


Miniature Highland

Heifer : $7500+

Steer: $4000+

Bull : $6000+


Miniature HighPark

Heifer : $7000+
Steer : $5000+

Bull : $6500+


Miniature Belted Galloway

Dun Belted Heifer : $7500+

Dun Belted Steer : $5000+

Dun Belted Bull : $6500+ 


Black Belted Heifer : $7000+

Black Belted Steer : $5000+

Black Belted Bull : $6500+


Miniature Panda

Dun Panda Heifer : $7500+

Dun Panda Bull : $6500+

Black Panda Heifer : $7000+

Black Panda Bull : $6500+ 

* belted/panda prices will vary depending on quality of markings/ belt.  

Price of calves includes: Vaccinations: Scour Guard and Enforce 3 at birth Vision 7 and Cattle Master Gold, Bangs vaccination for the heifers,  Enforce 3 booster at weaning and again day of shipment, health papers to travel out of state (if applicable),4 weeks of hands on socialization preparing them for their new home. 


Calves are required to be picked up by 6 months of age.  If unable to do so, we are able to provide continued calf care for $10/day until pick up. Please note, we will not separate a calf from its dam earlier than the 6 month mark. We do not offer bottle babies, unless calf is orphaned or rejected and we are unable to graft them on a foster cow.  We also will not dehorn calves, no exceptions.

Calves are weaned between 4-5 months over a 6 week period. The weaning process begins with the calf spending 10-14 days pasture weaning with their dam wearing a weaning nose ring.  This process is low stress for both cow and calf allowing the calf to wean naturally.  The calf will then spend 4 weeks being handled, socialized, groomed etc. learning to trust people and want to be in their space. Our goal is that every calf leave our ranch gentle and sweet, ready to be loved on in their new home.  

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold a calf and a signed “Cattle Sale Contract”. Monthly payments must be posted by the 3rd of every month and full payment is due at time of pickup or before shipping. If alteration of calf is needed (steered) full price of calf will be due before alteration can be made.  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to text or email us.  Thank you for your interest in our miniature cattle.

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